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Ella smirking while wearing her hair back with two colorful barrettes and a rainbow shirt and green jacket.

Ella Schaefer is a writer, actor, director, producer, photographer and dog mom from Niceville, FL (Yes, it's a real place). After a rep told her she had a face for comedy, Ella took her funny face to UCB, Groundlings and iO to improvise and write. Even though she initially entered the industry as a dramatic creator, Ella realized that sometimes pain can best be healed through laughter, and thus, became a comedy writer. Her brain trends toward wildly imaginative premises grounded in the reality of facing one’s fucked-up-ness; the journey may not be an easy one, but she believes that’s what makes a story worth being told. Ella was recently a semi-finalist for the Rising Storytellers Search for Gemstone Studios and a semi-finalist in the Austin Film Festival. She is a self-proclaimed puzzle bitch who loves reading her own low-performing tweets and watching tennis even though she's literally never played a day in her life.

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